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Chinese Heparin derivatives market report

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[關鍵字]: Heparin derivatives,report


Research report of Chinese Heparin derivatives market(2007 version)

Publisher: Orient Health Electronic Commercial(Beijing)co.,Ltd
Published: July, 2007
Format:  Hardcopy and Adobe PDF
Price:  US$1,500
Contact: Mr. Bian chenghua   Ms. Wu huifang
Tel.: 86-10-68012929-2116/2101             Fax:  86-10-68052505
E-mail: bianch@healthoo.com   wuhf@healthoo.com  

Brief introduction:
   Drugs of Heparin derivatives are import anticoagulants (direct anticoagulant), of which low molecular weight heparin sodium and low molecular weight heparin calcium are the mainstream products. In global market key brands include: Pfizer's "Fragmin", Sanofi-Avetnis's "Clexane" and "Fraxiparine" etc.
   The report presents the market size and development trend of Heparin derivatives, the sales values of different products, competitive manufacturers in China. The report also provides market forecasts and competitive and opportunity analysis in China.

The table of contents
2、Overview of blood thinning drugs
  2.1 Anticoagulant Drugs
  2.2 Antiplatelet drugs
  2.3 Others of Anticoagulant or Antiplatelet drugs
  2.4 Thrombolysis drugs
3 Sales analysis of blood thinning drugs from 2002 to 2006
  3.1 Market scale and growth trend
  3.2 Market share and change trend of different breeds
    3.2.1 Sales shares of different products of Blood Thinning Drugs
    3.2.2 Sales shares of different products of Antiplatelet drugs
    3.2.3  Sales shares of different products of Anticoagulant (Heparin) Drugs
    3.2.4 Sales shares of different products of Thrombolysis drugs
  3.3 Change about sales rank of key brands
4 Market analysis of Heparin derivatives in 2006
  4.1 Sales situation Heparin derivatives and other blood thinning
drugs in 2006
  4.2 Market shares of different categories of blood thinning drugs
in 2006
  4.3 Analysis about key manufacturers of blood thinning drugs
     Low molecular weight heparin sodium
     Low molecular weight heparin calcium
     Heparin sodium
     Heparin calium
     Sodium Citrate
5 Sales analysis of Heparin derivatives
6 Situation on global new drug research of blood thinning drugs
  6.1 Antiplatelet drugs
  6.2 Anticoagulant Drugs
7 Research and development in China
  7.1 List of Domestic marketd products and import procucts
  7.2 Status of application and approval for Blood Thinning Drugs

Appendix 1: Retail price of key blood thinning drugs
Appendix 2: The Anticoagulant Drugs and Thrombolysis drugs listed in Drug Catalogue of National Basic Medical Insurance
Appendix 3: The list of marketed Blood Thinning Drugs and the drugs during the period of application and approval

Chinese Heparin derivatives market report
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